About us

I have been interested in dogs since my birth. Oh yeas! As a present for my delivery, my farther gave my mum a puppy of the Slovakian Chuvach (I was born in Slovakia where this breed is more widespread than in our country).

A bitch called Bela was accompanying me since my first steps. Naturally, she had matured into a reasonable creature before I did, and so she was guarding me and rocking me in the baby-carriage. If it was possible, Bela also fulfilled duties of a regular sheepfold dog and so we slept together in one bed.

Like the presence of a man is important for the puppy’s early life stages, also I was influenced by our co-existence and synergy. Now I cannot imagine my life without a dog. 

At basic school I was passionately devouring all available cynologic literature. I was collecting postcards with dogs and buying every newly published book on dogs. I knew all breads by heart. In this time my love for staghounds was conceived.

At secondary school, already in Prague, I was regularly helping at the animal home  - then it still was in Jinonice. It was agonising experience but formative from the veterinary viewpoint.

Just after the Velvet Revolution I entered the Staghound Breeders´ Club, even though I did not possess any. I was attending canine exhibitions and staghound racing, silently rooting for the canine competitors and being envious of the breeders. I was further broadening my knowledge on staghounds.
After a decade of staghound theory, I finally decided to enter the community of staghound owners and thus to enter the breeder’s practice. I took up a breed of the Italian greyhound for its size, suitable for Prague’s flat.

Our breeding station was registered on 3rd January 2002. I consider that day to be the beginning of another long life-journey of mine, which is likely to be prickly, but I hope for its successful accomplishment. When one does their work in earnest and with no hidden agenda, the work must come off!

Why name BUGSY?
The name itself gives the answer. I acquire the right to bear. I am liable for his future, look, health. I acquire to bear the being with mind, not only the animal. All my puppies are like my children. Since year 2006 is our history placed under record under the name FERITTE BUGSY.

So, welcome to our websites, perhaps they will make you happy for a while.