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Feritte Bugsy kennel presents IKONA!

Here are few dogs' drawings, which I greated when I was 12. Since then I havn't devoted drowing. Now in my old age, I promise, I will renew my old hobby.

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We are very happy and we thank our Holly and yet also our nursling Ceysse (nice 6. position in total score), who finally won this race.
It represents many hours of training, a lot of physical and psychical robustness of all concerned dogs of all greyhound races. We heartily congratulate to all owners and their winner and all together we looking forward next season 2007, which would posses more participated italian greyhounds, as we hope.

Race Winner 2006

AURA Black Arrows
DONīT WORRY Jumping Jet
CEYSSE Bugsy :-))

AISHA Top Coach
AGALELLA ag Dalvit
ALFA ROMEO Beami Sahrak
Vagtazo Cirkusz
HOLLY Di Branco Piccolo :-))

The Best senior 2006

DEMON Jewelīs Farm
BORN FREE Jumping Jet

The Best sprinter 2006

JEZEBEL ze Spingbart Gou
ICETRACK Supersonic

The Best senior sprinter 2006

FAETHON Ayort Back

2nd position - Race winner 2006

DIANA Globe Glass
KENT z Hedvábí

3r position - Race winner 2006

BACCARA Inventum
DAUPHIN Globe Glass

Website with many informations about racecourses

Italian greyhounds are gentle-skinned with silk-smooth hair all over the body. The hair tends to be affected by bedsore, that is why we have bought our dogs the mats Vetbed, more on

Italian greyhounds love warmth. Thatīs why weīve bought them the thermal mat Leháro. More on website    


Thatīs what the colour of Italian greyhounds can also look like ( breeders from the USA), do you like them ...:-))

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Our dogs live undepreciatClick for enlargemented lives with us ( as we understand it). They are our pets, friends, companions for better or worse. They sleep in our beds, they accompany us on long walks in the countryside, they go to restaurants with us. However we arenīt trying to humanize them. They are kind and friendly towards all people and dogs around in every situation. They use every moment to be as close to you as possible.

We are trying to give our puppies as much positive confidence as possible during the most important period of  imprinting. We get them used to travelling by different means ofClick for enlargement transport – car, underground, tram. We put them into transport cages so that they can get used to confined space, donīt panic in the racing box and are willing to wait for their master in the cage at a dog show. We praise them and support them. They are very sensitive to an unfair or hard punishment. In no case we are trying to be like large-scale  commercial breeding stations with dogs in cages without love, just for profit. We do our best to give them all our care and love since the moment they are born.

PWe choose stud dogs for our bitches very carefully and we take time to make a decision.  The stud dog must be completely healthy, untimid , with the highest possible quality of exterior. These high demands of ours are necessary for our puppies to do well in life with man as his/her best friend. Be careful, we donīt guarantee that all our puppies grow up to be interchampions! We bring the price of the puppies into line with their quality and the quality of their parents. A sensible breeder with a sense of the particular breed is able to recognize what a puppy is going to look like for the rest of its life from 12th week of age ( Donīt trust breeders who promise that the puppyīs liver-coloured nose will get darker, standing ears will lay down, a tail will get lower, an undescended testicle will descend miraciously, splay feet will straighten again etc...).

And this is how we see the socialization of human babies :-)) Thereīs my son little Lukas in the photos, when he was  young, with the greyhound bitch called Saminka owned by our friends. We used to look after her quite often.

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Informations about history of Italian greyhound can be found on Mummy of italian greyhound

Italian greyhounds love comfort and warmth but also movement (like every greyhound). We want to let them have all the joy. That is way we registered in the Czech coursing club on 9th November 2004. We have to wait till spring 2005 for our first trainings and starts.
Since the season of shows is over and thereīs a long time ahead before the spring coursing training starts and since we donīt like idleness we have decided to spend our leasure time on agility trainings at weekends.
After a longer search for free place in Prague agility clubs we found one at last. We registered in the Agility club Branik on 18th November 2004.

We came together with Didi, Holly and little Ceysse to our first agility training  to a romantic place on the bank of the River Vltava on Sunday, 21st November 2004, at 2 p.m. in chilly autumn weather. I was curious about their reactions and I was a bit afraid that agility wouldnīt  stir their hearts. But the dogs didnīt mind the bad weather. Holly and Didi were ready with a low dogwalk, a low A-frame, a straight tunnel, several low hurdles and a tyre in an hour. Little Ceysse assisted lively. Our dog girls started every new hurdle with enormous verve. Both we and our dogs were excited about agility.

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